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Find NSFW games for Linux like Poke Abby, Strive for Power, Hardcoded Demo (18+ Only), Monster Girl Island, Hunt and Snare (Furry, 18+) on, the indie game hosting marketplace. HTML5; Downloadable; Flash UPDATED FOR ! free HD re-re-master of 3 beloved gay sex games, all in one Adult 2d RPG.

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Harem Hotel includes 7 unique characters and fetishes, over unique events more coming! A short and silly consent-friendly and sex-positive VN!

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FDW - Binding Sim v0. FDW - Binding Sim.

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Play one day in this doenload from the upcoming Willy Bear Beach 2! An episodic gay furry erotica twine, focused on hookups with charming strangers.

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Your taxi fare downloadd more on her mind than a job interview; perhaps you can help. Craft the right potion to restore your girlfriend's face back to normal!

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The Great Hero's Cat. Added August 19, Tomai With just 15 days before the annual Night Festival-- how will you choose to spend your time? Will you spend it with your Father, the Lady, or your dwnload best friends Burdoc and Malik? games download sex free furry

What you choose will affect Tomai for the rest of furrh life! With few cards for each, and a set of simple rules, it should be the perfect party game.

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All around a table, you swap cards, find a winning hand Features 3 partners to choose from all of them with a chance of some sexy time or just chilling out together. Optional censoring of sexual content. free games sex download furry

Features nudity and explicit sexual content but has settings to censor them. Added July 30, You'll be able to choose four romance routes while studying seex to control magic to your advantage. It is a dark fantasy themed story.

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Added July 16, Sifting Thyme A romance visual novel that allows player to choose to play as male or female, with 4 romanceable male characters. Added June 30, Male and female relationship options.

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You play as a genderless and nameable character with 2 male and 2 female romance options. Added June 18, Same-sex relationships are not just possible, but abundant. It explores sexuality, physicality, and queer themes.

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Flirt Up Your Life! With gameplay similar to THE SIMS, the player manipulates two characters into hooking up, and offers the ability for same-gender romances to be pursued.

It's no more difficult to get same-gender characters to date than other-gender characters, and which types of relationships are pursued is chosen at the beginning of the game when characters are being selected.

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Features many gay characters. Added June 17, Eclipse A sci-fi gay dating sim and visual novel.

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You are Helios, the newest fighter aboard the starship Kepler. Join Cain, Abel and the crew from Ftee webcomic, Starfighter, on board a brand new, interactive adventure.

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Same-sex romance option available. Unlike paid characters, free characters are not bound to a release schedule. We work on free characters whenever we have development time to spare. Game currency is currently bound to the game it's purchased in.

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We plan to change this in the future so purchased currency can also be used within our other games. Inactive Profiles are automaticity purged and cannot be restored.

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Guests are removed after 90 days of inactivity or when you cleared browser cookies. Members are removed after 7 years of inactivity and are not bound to browser cookies.

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If you create an account, your progress will be saved. Your saved data will be accessible upon login on multiple devices.

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At this time, the player avatar is set. Having a changeable avatar presents difficulties with vree way our sequences are animated, but it is a challenge we are looking into solving for the future. The game features content for any sexual orientation, and later on, will also include areas featuring some fetish content.

We will consistently update the game with new characters, areas, etc. On top of that, characters will move about to different places, and swap out with other characters.

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Can't find someone you like? If you have their number, you can call them up.

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This games reminds you of that. Clinica Hope Una Nueva Esperanza.

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It's Just a Chromosome. Magazine, recreated in Twine by Sarah Sexton. A Bad Hare Day.

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Future Love Space Machine: Adult SciFi Sex (NSFW - 18+). F.L.S.M. - Lewd cyberpunk sci-fi sex game. Plus, space monsters, robots, cat girls, lgbt!


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